Once upon a time there was a Flavour Maker...



Franck Delights is all about passion and unique expertise.
After being trained at some of the most prestigious Paris Patisserie School, such as
Lenotre, Ferrandi, Banette and Les Metiers de bouche, Franck Assuli draws his technique and expertise from these notable culinary institutions.
Instantaneously, he aspires to cater to all palates and introduce them to his fine patisserie, thus rendering it Kosherfor the Jewish community.

But more than anything, Franck Assuli wants to reach the epitomy of his dreams, combining his passion for pastry, his profession, with his love for the Holy Land.
A few airfares later, Franck makes Israel his home, realizing his dream at “Franck Delights”.

In undertaking this magnificent project, Franck Assuli wishes to share his know-how and his love of pastry with Israelis, as well as with the Franco-Israeli community who sorely miss their 'pure butter croissants' and 'chocolate eclairs’.

Eighteen years later, the bet is a success. Franck Delight becomes an icon and is the no 1 pastry-chef and reception expert throughout Israel.
Thanks to Chef Assouli’s creative spirit and generosity, to his expertise and everlasting innovativeness, he’s made his mark and Franck Delights is a household name in the entire country.
Nowadays, Franck Assuli, a true flavor maker, is well distinguished as is proven by his wide range of gâteaux, prepared for various receptions.

Franck Delights is a close-knit family and home, sending its sweet smells and preparing delectable delicacies in the heart of Jerusalem, at Givat Shaul where you can discover assorted and mouthwatering viennoiseries and gâteaux, for all ages.
The chef has recruited a professional staff, whose work provides customers with excellent service.


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