Create a unique event, an unforgettable moment.

On this meaningful day in your life, Franck Delights Catering will accompany you from start to finish, from the laying of phylacteries to the reception site.

The Franck Delights team will be on site to advise and guide you as to the assorted menu for the Bar Mitzva.


Your baby boy is born! Mazel Tov!

Bring your child into the Alliance in the most beautiful way possible by entrusting Franck Delights with organizing your event buffet.

Whether you choose the breakfast/brunch or lunch option, you will be given full service by Franck Delights: Decoration, Sweet and Savoury Buffet, Pastries, Petits Fours, Pizza... Your caterer offers you a wide range of refined dishes.


Dreaming of having a Henna amid a Thousand- and One-Nights décor linking Tradition and Modern Times?

Enhance your event by entrusting it to Franck Delights.

There is a catering delivery option or a buffet option you can choose from.

Depending on your theme of choice, Franck Delights offers a wide selection of delicious oriental pastries.


Sun, turquoise sea and fine sand

Close your eyes and imagine - sun, turquoise sea and fine sand, a light summer breeze, you’re lulled by waves, surrounded by your guests…

It is the perfect setting for your Beach Party.

A few days before your wedding, let Franck Delights help you with organizing your summer event.

We offer you a wide menu variety, including healthy and fresh dishes, fresh fruit shakes and seasonal fruit ice smoothies.


The French Dream...

For your special events, do you dream of a French Dessert Buffet with a large selection of petits fours, pies, cakes and desserts?

Franck Delights will enhance your wedding/Bar Mitzva/ Bat Mitzva with a gourmet dessert buffet.

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